A different Japan, without skyscrapers and crowds of the executives in the same dark suits, is can be found in a couple of hours drive from Tokyo in the Hakone. Truly wild nature, mists, geysers, mountain lakes, volcanoes are here. The inhabitants of Tokyo go there to take a break from the endless stress of the capital. Residents of other cities go there to see Mount Fuji and at least from a distance see where the imperial family rests. Japan is one of the most mysterious countries in the world. Tourists from the entire world are attracted by this country. So I wanted to visit this amazing and beautiful country too. I booked the hotel and tickets online Travelocity Coupons. It was easy. Tour operators offer a variety of options for hotels, depending on the purpose of your holiday. Most tourists go to Japan to choose an active rest with a variety of interesting excursions. Tourists should visit Hakone to feel the real Japanese. However, the Europeans are a little bit here. The area of the Hakone is part National Park Fuji-Hakone-Izu, and it is the most pleasant part of it. Thanks to the double volcano Ovakudani (it is active), a special micro-climate is created in the mountains, and unique fish are found in volcanic lakes. I decided to start a visit to Hakone to rise to the highest point - Mount Kamagatake. Hence, in fine weather the entire area is visible and, of course, overlooks the Fuji. To get to the observation deck is easy: local train will take you to the final lift station, and then - always up and up. Lake Ashinoko, the largest of the local volcanic lake, is situated at the end of the cable car. I drove out on the ship here and visit the shrine on the southern Dzhinza Lake. The horses are sacrificed to the spirits in this sanctuary. Now it is another times, but the tradition remains - now you can buy in the sanctuary, "a horse mascot": wooden plate in the form of a horse, write your request on it and leave the temple. Valley of Geysers Owakudani is located right next to the volcano. The Japanese call the Geysers area as "Valley of the big devil", because of the unpleasant smell of sulfur and scary rocky landscape. But this does not prevent inspection of those places, and as a souvenir for tourists they offered geyser-boiled eggs. Volcanic steamer gives black color of shells, and the product itself is considered to be useful - according to legend, for each eaten "volcanic egg" you can have extra seven years of life.